Find Us

The Seymour Hatchery is located just below the Seymour Falls Dam in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. To get to us you will need to drive up Lillooet Road past Capilano University until you get to the parking lot at the top of Lillooet Road and then either bike, walk or run a 12km trail to the hatchery. The trail is paved for the first 10km and turns into a well maintained gravel trail for about 2km through majestic old growth forest.

To see more detail of this route to the hatchery click on the map below and explore your way around.
You may wish to view this with the satellite view on so you can see the landmarks. The Hatchery is marked with a red pin at the top of the map. Other features such as the parking lot, viewpoints, washrooms and picnic areas are also marked.

Driving Up And Volunteering

The general public are not able to drive up to the hatchery. If you are volunteering we will leave your name with the guard on duty at the Rice Lake Gatehouse and they will allow you up through the service road. For more details of where this is and where to drive please see this MAP.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please visit the Volunteering page.

It is somethimes possible for non-profit and community groups to be able to come up and get a tour around the hatchery. Please Contact us if your organization is interested.

Public Transit

It is possible to take the bus to get to the start of the trail to the hatchery. You will need get to the top of Lynn Valley road and Dempsey by bus. There are several options, the Lynn Valley 228, the 292 and 210 Upper Lynn bus and get off at the top of Lynn Valley Road. You can then follow a short trail across Lynn Canyon and up the hill towards the Parking lot at Rice Lake Gatehouse. Then follow the trail to the hatchery. More details are on this MAP.